Rick Kulacz

Rick Kulacz

Date of Birth:

Most memorable moment:
Australian Junior Win or NSW Open Win, 18 with Greg Norman at 2006 Aus Open.

Rob Farley

Low round:
63 (Selangor Masters 2009, Keperra Bowl 2007)

Hartfield Country Club (Perth), Spring Valley (Melbourne)

Favourite sporting team:
Hawthorn Hawks (AFL)

Favourite golfer:
Don't really have a favourite golfer. Younger days I'd say Sergio Garcia and even younger probably Greg Norman.

Favourite food:

Past results:
2012 Pat O’Driscoll Real Estate Tropical Auto Group Golf Classic winner (PGA Australasia)
Qualified - 2011 Open Championship (Royal St George's)

What has been the most notable difference between competing as an Amateur to a Professional?
In amateur golf you have a handful of guys that can win events that are great players. In Professional golf those same guys are there except it's tenfold.There are more players every week of that calibre. Also you play for money which could possibly add different pressures for some people.

Who has been your biggest influence in your development as a golfer and a person?
All of my Family. They continually support me and you just cannot beat that.

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